Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Back to School - The Beginning

Soooo, I went into school today to check out what my room looks after being cleaned over the holidays. This is my third year in a demountable.

Needless to say, we don't have those great big halls many of my lovely readers have, so no big cutesy bulletin board to put up outside my room for when my new bunch of big grade 2's arrive in a few short weeks. I must say, I'm relieved about that because that must take you guys HOURS to do! I'm not that creative so I'd have a very hard time.

At the end of the year, we pile everything up on the lino between the two classrooms - only desks stay stacked up on the carpet so that the carpet can be cleaned. Here's the view from the door. I've stacked things on top of the desks since they couldn't fit on the lino.
Here's the lino/kitchen area between the classes where we had to box up and pile everything. You can see the top of our bookshelves (with stuff boxed up inside them). 

I am so NOT motivated to get in and get everything ready. I'm still rethinking how I want to organise and set-up. I'm umming and ahhing about doing a theme. I've never done one before, but I see so many cutesy classrooms that do that I'm considering it. I'm thinking frogs, monkey's or space/astronauts. I'll see.

Here's my list of things to think about before I head back to school (because of course your interested... why wouldn't you be haha): 
  1. Guided reading materials, records, books and other paperwork. This is always the messiest place in my room with piles of books and activities and post-its and folders and records and pointers and and and.... you get the point.
  2. Math games and manipulatives - again, how to store, keep neat and keep track of so I know what I've got before I start buying/making more!
  3. Weekly materials - I can never find things when I want them. I'm always misplacing things!
So, before I head in and start to get organised I want a plan so these things are less of a problem. But I'm not motivated... maybe give me another week and when it gets a little bit closer to school starting again, panic mode will set in - the number 1 motivator I know! 

Once I do, I'll get back to you with The Middle and The End posts!



  1. Wow! It blows my mind that you have finished a school year and we are just half way done. I have to say though that this year is flying by! I start back today after Christmas break. It has been wonderful:) Happy New Year:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Here is a possible theme for you (with a bit of a wink and a nod) http://ateachersbagoftricks.blogspot.com/2012/01/everything-koalas.html

    - Lisa from a teachers bag of tricks

  3. Haha Lisa - Koalas! They really are the most BORING animal!! Sleep, sleep, sleep, eat, eat, sleep!! They are cute though! You pack looks great!

    Tara, I can't believe you are half way through either! I started blogging during the whole 'back to school' phase and that seems like yesterday! Hopefully the rest of the year flies too!


  4. Hi Kylie!

    I just discovered your blog and am really excited to begin following it! I'm from Colorado, so we are just in the very middle of our school year. When does your school year begin? Good luck with the beginning of your year! :-)



  5. Yikes! They moved all that stuff around to clean? And didn't put anything back? Your corner looks like mine does!

    Love your blog!

    Rockin' Teacher Materials

  6. Hi Chelsea! I start back for 3 teacher days on the 18/01. School goes back on the Monday 23/01. I'm so happy we have a public holiday (Australia Day) on the Wednesday because I know after lounging around for the last few weeks I'll be EXHAUSTED and need a mid-week break!

    Hilary, yes they did move some things around. There's a big recycling bin in the corner of the photo, my little whiteboak and guided reading tables have all been moved. But they shouldn't have been left on the carpet anyway...(although, that wasn't my room last year so it's not my fault!).



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